Let the talented but unknown people be discovered and respected, this is the GeekPwn's primary goal. To show our respect and thanks to the security geeks who have successfully PWNed in contests and made contributions to our Smart Life security, GeekPwn builds this site Hall OF Fame. Each Winner will get the GeekPwn Hornor medal and their names can be found here.



f1yYY @ Chaitin Tech

VMware ESXi virtual machine escape  ...

Won "G-Influence" award. Prize totalled 450K RMB.

Team T3JRC

Exploit vulnerabilities in basic DNS protocol, contaminate DNS cache in rounters  ...

Prize totalled 250K RMB.

Team Fuchen Security Lab

Hack multiple encrypted U disk  ...

Won the G-Power award. Prize totalled 160K RMB.

f1yYY @ Chaitin Tech

They found 2 vulnerabilities in VMware ESXi, they issued attack to host from a Linux VM. Then they got admin privilege of the host.

Team T3JRC

They found vulnerabilities in basic DNS protocol. They use new atatck skills to contaminate DNS cache in rounters.

Team Fuchen Security Lab

They modify the hardware of U disk to read data from it.


Team Snow Leopard

Winner of Hacker Room Challenge

Team Piggy mine

Exploit vulnerabilities on a series of smart devices, use them as mining machines.

Won Best Show award.

Team AMC

Exploit vulnerabilities of private photo album on a main stream Android mobile phone.

Mobile Security Lab of Tencent Security

Exploit vulnerabiliteis of 3 smart locks

explorer_z @ Chaitin Tech

Exploit vulnerabilities on a main stream NAS


Exploit vulnerabilities on rounters from 2 brands

Li Ze (KHG Group, PEDIY)

Exploit vulnerability on an optical modem


Exploit vulnerabilities on a rounter

Mu Dongliang @ JingDong Security

Hack IoT device used by Car Insurance

Team Proxgrind

RFID Remote R&W Challenge

Du Angang

Mosaic Removal Competition 2018

Remove mosaic on a picture with GAN


CAAD Online Winner Board ...



Yuxin Wu, Cihang Xie


Zhibo Zhang, Ruchen Zhang


Chao Du, Yinpeng Dong, Tianyu Pang, Zihao Xiao


Wen Zhou, Yongjun Chen, Mengyun Tang, Tongzhou Zheng


Xiaoyi Dong, Huanyu Bian, Wenbai Zhou, Yue Wu


Jiayang Liu, Hao Cui



Chao Du, Yinpeng Dong, Tianyu Pang, Xingxing Wei

【2】NorthWest Sec

Wei Li, Xiaojin Jiao, Chuan Yang, Yang Li, Li Chen


Yao Zhao, Yuzhe Zhao


Moustafa Alzantot, Yash Sharma, Nat Snyder, Supiryo Chakraborty, Mani Srivastava


Xin Hou, Wen Zhou, Mengyun Tang, Yongjun Chen


Wenbo Guo Alejandro Cuevas Zhisheng Hu Xinyu Xing





Team Xiao An






Freedom in sky


Tsinghua NISL




Totalled Prize 156K RMB






Li Shen, Wei Li, Xiaojin Jiao

Cracking Google reCAPTCHA with Deep Learning  ...

Won $20,000 bonus.

Weiteng Chen and Dr. Zhiyun Qian

A New TCP Hijack Released at GeekPwn  ...

Won $15,000 bonus.

Li Shen, Wei Li, Xiaojin Jiao

They built a bot can recognize the Google reCAPTCHA automatically.

Weiteng Chen and Dr. Zhiyun Qian

Their attack exploits TCP side channel to hijack TCP connections between client and web server.


Alexey Kurakin

The Recent Advancement of Adversarial Machine Learning

Ian Fischer

Learn to Attack

Bo Li

Robust Physical-World Attacks on Machine Learning Models


Hat Lab, DBAPPSecurity

Found and exploited vulnerabilities of several OBD2 Devices for Cars  ...

Won “G-Performance” award voted by the audience. Bonus totalled 110K RMB.


Won the first prize in Voice Simulation Contest   ...

Bonus totalled 110K RMB.

Hat Lab, DBAPP Security

Found and exploited vulnerabilities of several OBD2 Devices for Cars.


Won the first prize in Voice Simulation Contest.


XW, Tneo, Ao Tu

Found and exploited vulnerabilities of QNAP NAS

Chuang Li, Shixin Wu, Ting Zhou, Zhiyong Wang

They use 3D printer to simulate human handwriting

Ji Shi and Yu Zhang

Found and exploited vulnerabilities in Netgear router


Found and exploited the vulnerabilities of Hanvon Face Recognition Entrance Guard

Qize Wang

Hack Konke Smart Camera

Hao Qin, Kehang Jiang

Hack JCG Router


Hack Wepiao Film tickets system


JailBreak demo of latest iPhone8

QuHe, ChaoLiu, CiBi

Hack one Android mobile phone

Shupeng Gao

Demo of hacks on several biometric authentication systems


“Industrial CTF” First Place

Team Shenniu GoGo

“Voice Simulation Competition” Second Place

Team “SmartParrot”

“Voice Simulation Competition” Third Place


“Voice Simulation Competition” Winner


“Voice Simulation Competition” Winner

2017 Hong Kong Hall Of Fame MEMBER

George Nosenko

Found and exploited a stack-overflow vulnerability in Cisco IOS and IOS XE  ...

Won "G-Influence" award. Bonus totalled 250K RMB.

Information Security Lab, Ocean University of China

Found and exploited vulnerabilities in 10 brands of Routers  ...

Won 100K RMB bonus.

George Nosenko

George Nosenko from Russia is working in Embedi, an Information Security company. He got highest privilege of a Cisco Switch by exploiting a stack-overflow vulnerability. After that, he can fully control the Switch and monitor all traffics. He scanned the public Internet and found over 250K Cisco devices are impacted and more than 8 million are potentially impacted.

Information Security Lab, Ocean University of China

They found vulnerabilities in Netgear, Tenda, LB-link, DLink, Asus, Antbang, JCG, UTT, wavlink, Motorola routers. They demonstrated how to hijack DNS resolution request and perform DoS attack with the hacked routers.

2017 Hong Kong WINNER

X Group of Tencent’s XuanWu Lab

Designed a new model of worm spreading, Wombie Attack

Won "G-Thinking" award.


Found and exploited vulnerabilities in 4 Shared-Bike Apps

Won “G-Performance” award voted by the audience.

Xie Haikuo, Huang Zheng

Unlock any Guojia Internet Smart Locks

Li Wei (KHG Group, PEDIY)

Remotely control Konke Smart Home devices

Wang Xin, Xu Kaiyi (Hat Lab, DBAPPSecurity)

Get root privilege of Xiaoyi Camera then use the camera attack Netgear router and Mijia gateway


Found and exploited vulnerabilities of 2 brands of routers

Wang Qize (KHG Group, PEDIY)

Remotely control Xiongmai Camera


Found and exploited vulnerabilities of OPPO R9

Pei Zhongyu, Liu Yukun (Network and Information Security Lab, Tsinghua University)

Found and exploited vulnerabilities in Newifi router

rainman (Hat Lab, DBAPPSecurity)

Found and exploited vulnerabilities of Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Xiao Huihui

Found and exploited vulnerabilities in Xiaotiancai Smart Children Watch


Nick Stephens(Team Shellphish)

He found vulnerabilities of TrustZone  ...

Won the G-Influence award. Bonus totalled 350K RMB.

Chaitin Tech

They jailbroke the latest PS 4  ...

Won 250K RMB bonus.

Nick Stephens(Team Shellphish)

The contestant builds an Android APP, which can exploit the vulnerabilities in Huawei P9-Lite and other Huawei devices with Huawei TrustZone. It can execute arbitrary code with root privilege. In the demo, the fingerprint authentication module is PWNed and set to allow any fingerprint to pass.

Chaitin Tech

They trigger WebKit and system kernel vulnerabilities by opening a self-constructed web page on the latest PS 4. Then, they can run any code on PS 4 which is totally been controlled. In the demo, they boot the PS 4 to Linux and run Super Mario game.

Amat Cama(Team Shellphish)

He found a vulnerability of Valve Source game engine  ...

Won 120K RMB bonus.

Amat Cama(Team Shellphish)

The contestant remotely attacks CS Global Offense or Team Fortress 2 which use Valve Source Engine. He can execute arbitrary code in the target machine. In the demo, the attacker displays a picture on the target's screen, take a snapshot with target's webcam and retrieve it.



He keeps challenging the impossible

Won the G-Fighter award.

Stephen Chavez

Control his own wheelchair remotely

Won the G-Power award.

Allan Cecil

The video game-hacking robot

Won the G-Thinking award.

Chris Salls、Jake Corina(Team Shellphish)

Root multiples of smartphone

Phoenix Decoder(Xu Yilin, Ling Zhen, Gao Chao,Fu Xinwen,Zhao Wei)

Control any Smart WiFi Plug remotely

Denis Makrushin、Vladimir Dashchenko

Sums up the pain points of Smart City

Fu Shanyang(Team BaiZe)

Invade humanoid robot remotely

Clarence Chio

"Mislead" machine learning system successfully

Chaitin Tech

Found vulnerability of MTK

Team FlappyPig

The champion team of multifaceted CTF contest


Won the first prize in Robot Agents Challenge


Ian Goodfellow、Alexey Kurakin

Adversarial Examples in the Physical World

Chang Liu

Exploring New Attack Space on Adversarial Deep Learning

Tavish Vaidya

Hidden Voice Commands

Zhang Yulong

Exploit Millions of Pebble Smartwatches for Profit and Fun

Zhao Yanhui, Sun Ke, Ou Ya

Exploit smart suitcase

2014-2016 3-Year Retrospective Special Awards


TSRC(Tencent Security Response Center) have shown 5 great PWNs of different categories. They have made great contributions to secure smart devices  ...

Won the G-Team award.

Chaitin Tech

Members of Chaitin mainly graduated from TsingHua University. Some have been selected to the GeekPwn Hall of Fame  ...

Won the G-Team award.

TSRC events list

2015 in Shanghai

riusksk——Lakala POS machine

GuoMian——DJI Phantom 3

zhuliang——iBoxPay POS machine

2014 in Beijing

GuoMian(and JiangHu)——Sciener Smart Lock

riusksk——KanKun Little K Smart WiFi Plug

Chaitin Tech

Chaitin Tech has earned GeekPwn bonuses of 950,000 RMB since 2015. They submitted vulnerabilities of 20 products. Their PWN skills have been recognized by the international information security autorities.

2016 in Shanghai

The latest PS4 system jailbreak

Found vulnerability of MTK

2016 in Macau

PWN over 9 routers and smart cameras

2015 in Shanghai

PWN 7 smart cameras, smart routers and POS machines

2016 MACAU Hall Of Fame MEMBER

Chaitin Tech

They found severe vulnerabilities on routers and cameras from over nine manufacturers  ...

Won the first prize, 420K RMB in Macau.

Tencent PC Manager Network Attack and Defense Group

They found vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Windows kernel   ...

Won the Most Difficult award. Bonus totalled 200K RMB.

Chaitin Tech

Yang Kun, as the leader of Chaitin Tech team, worked with team members to successfully PWN over nine routers and cameras in GeekPwn Macau contest on May 12th.
       Chaitin Tech team won the first prize, 420K RMB. Chaitin Tech team is from a startup company. The founders are from Tsinghua University. As a new force in the security industry, Chaitin Tech team won the first prize on October 24, 2015 on GeekPwn Carnival with excellent play.

Tencent PC Manager Network Attack and Defense Group

In GeekPwn Macau contest, the Hacker movie turns into reality: When you open a malicious PDF file, your computer would be completely controlled by hackers. This attack exploits two 0day vulnerabilities and can attack all the Windows versions. The 2 vulnerabilities has been in Windows system for 15 years.
     & The team also won the "Most Difficult" award, the total prize money of 200K RMB.
     &In 2016, Tencent PC Manager Network Attack and Defense Group won the first "Master of Pwn" (cracks master) title because they successfully PWNed Adobe Flash Player in Pwn2Own contest.

Cao Yue (University of California at Riverside)

Found vulnerability in TCP/IP stack, 'TCP hijacking' of the legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick reappears.  ...

Won the Most Creative Idea award. Bonus totalled 150K RMB.

Cao Yue (University of California at Riverside)

Doctoral student Cao Yue showed 'TCP hijacking' attack. This attack can pop up a fishing web page and steal user's password. This vulnerability in TCP/IP stack exists in almost all Android and Linux editions.
       The Committee gave him award 'Most Creative Idea', total prize to 150K RMB.
       Explained by Cao Yue, this vulnerability is found by his director, Qian Zhiyun. Mr. Qian found this vulnerability by reviewing Linux kernel source code. Cao Yue fully analyzed the vulnerability and realized the attack. From idea to realized attack, Cao Yue and his team members has spent over half a year.


Jia Yun

Vulnerabilities of 2 smart remote controllers

NEURON Information Security team

Vulnerabilities of TP-Link Router

Uncle Hacker p0tt1 from WeeHourSEC

Vulnerabilities of 2 Smart Safe

Won Best Show award.


ZouMa, Godric, tsingfu (Network and Information Security Lab of TsingHua University)

HTTPS Series Attack  ...

Won GeekPwn Carnival first prize, 460K RMB.

Zhao Zeguang (Team 509)

Smart Routers Hack (TP-Link, D-Link, Xiaomi, 360)  ...

Won GeekPwn Carnival first prize, 400K RMB.

ZouMa, Godric, tsingfu (Network and Information Security Lab of TsingHua University)

ZouMa, Godric and tsingfu's PWN target is the basic security protocol of web, HTTPS. They successfully won big prize of 460K RMB. They revealed HTTPS' vulnerabilities and how some of the Chinese Financial services are affected.
      The 3 players are from Network and Information Security Lab of TsingHua University. They have been studying network security issues for years and got quite a lot research results in the field of network foundations and secure communication protocols, mobile network security etc.
      In 2014, ZouMa showed payment issue with HTTPS on the first GeekPwn platform.

Zhao Zeguang (Team 509)

With the successful hack of 4 routers, the independent security researcher, Zhao Zeguang won 400K RMB. He attacked the routers and got Root privileges, then he modified the DNS records, all web accesses are hijacked to GeekPwn web page.
      Mr. Zhao is from the famous hacker team, Team 509. He thinks the hacker spirit can be summarized to: research, innovation, not evil. Freedom, sharing is also reflected in the hacker spirit.

Chaitin Tech

Smart Routers Hack (Newifi), Smart Camera Hack (Legend, Woshida, Xiaoyi, EasyEye, Jooan, Kaicong, ZTE), StarPay/VSPOS  ...

Won GeekPwn Carnival second prize. Bonus totalled 320K RMB.


Root several main stream Android mobile phones  ...

Won GeekPwn Carnival second prize, 300K RMB.

Chaitin Tech

Chaitin Tech team PWNed 7 smart cameras, smart routers and POS machines. When the chief security researcher of Chaitin Tech, Yang Kun, knows GeekPwn call for PWN began, his team stared to prepare it. After 2 months, they found vulnerabilities for those target devices and successfully hacked them.
       Yang Kun is graduated from Network and Information Security Lab of TsingHua University, he is also the team leader of CTF team: Blue Lotus. The team entered DEFCON CTF finals 4 times in 5 years. In 2016, b1o0ps (Joint Team of Blue Lotus and 0Ops) won 2nd place in DefCon final.


Slipper installed a normal right APP on Android, then he used a local vulnerability to get root privilege. At the same time, he stopped SELinux. After that, the APP replaced the boot screen.。
      slipperSlipper graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University. He acted as team leader of CTF team 0ops and led the team won successes in many CTF matches. He also has experiences as intern in Keen and Chaitin Tech.

Jackyxty, slipper(0ops)

Smart Routers Hack (HiWiFi, Xiaomi)  ...

Won GeekPwn Carnival second prize, 150K RMB.

Jackyxty, slipper(0ops)

Slipper and Jackyxty from well known CTF team 0ops worked together to PWN several routers. They attacked the routers and get root priviledges. After that, they modified DNS records. Then, the audiences and judges all see web accesses are hijacked to GeekPwn web page.
       0ops team from Shanghai Jiaotong University has participated many CTF matches and got good records. In the CTF match with highest prizes - CODEGATE 2015, they defeated all other teams including PPP team from US. This is the first time a team from China wins Champion in such an important International CTF match. In 2016, b1o0ps (Joint Team of Blue Lotus and 0Ops) won 2nd place in DefCon final.



Lakala POS machine


Changdi Smart Oven

Doctor Zhangyuan (Fudan University)

BestPay, China Telecom

Guo Mian

DJI Phantom 3


iBoxPay POS machine

Wen Guanxing, Cao Chen

Smart Socket

cnbragon, crackerzwx

Haier SmartCare Smart Home Kit

Wuxinnanni, eaglezhang, momohc

Haier SmartCare Smart Home Kit


Parrot drone

Ding Yu(3251 team)

Lenovo ThinkPad X240


multiple mobile APPs payment issues

Xie Jun

Broadlink Smart Device

2014 BEIJING Hall Of Fame MEMBER

Jin Yier

Google Nest Learning Thermostat  ...


TP-Link Portable Router, 360 Safe Router  ...

Jin Yier

Google Nest Learning Thermostat


TP-Link Portable Router, 360 Safe Router

xin, will, kelvin

360 Children Guard 2  ...

Wen Guanxing, Cao Chen

Smartisan T1   ...

xin, will, kelvin

360 Children Guard 2

Wen Guanxing, Cao Chen

Smartisan T1


Amethyst, ZhengMi

Xiaomi Router, HiWifi, Xiaomi Box 2/3

Zhou Rongyu, Yang Zhigang

Jawbone Up24


HiWiFi 1s

Jiang Hu, Guo Mian

Sciener Smart Lock


KanKun Little K Smart WiFi Plug


XiaoDu iermu smart camera